Ski Expert

From: Park City, Utah

Off-season: Ultra-Marathons, car racing, helicopter piloting 

​Fav car: Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTS/4


From: Fernie, BC

Off-season: Painting, travelling, surfing

​Fav city: New York


We do the you don't have to.



Site Creator

From: Vancouver, BC

Off-season: Wakeboarding, playing in a band, hiking

​Fav TV show: Seinfeld

How it all began...

Me and my buddies love finding new mountains to ski, but we were always frustrated at the lack of a good website that put all of the ski resorts together on one simple-to-use map. We'd have to do a lot of google searches and then hunt around cluttered resort websites to find the basic info that we wanted.

So, the idea was born to create a website where all resorts in North America were on one map, and with a simple click you can see all the info for each mountain. Hopefully we've done a good job of collecting all the info, and presented it in an easy-to-find format.

Thanks to everyone that's making it all possible :)


From: Vernon, BC

Off-season: Motocross, kiteboarding, skydiving

​Fav book: Garfield and Friends #24


From: Rock Hall, Maryland

Off-season: Aerial photography, music festivals, DJing

​Fav icecream: Moosetracks

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